Last time I was here, it was summer, I was back from my vacations and then summer turned into a break-up, which turned into letting go of my 6 year relationship with a man a truly and deeply loved. Then fall was around the corner and I realized that I had moved 3 times in 3 months. I settled in a new apartment to live by myself and today it is Christmas day, it is snowing outside and I thought I’d do a small round up of what has been happening.

Well, what more is there to say. Getting your heart broken sucks and hurts. I spent a lot a time with family and friends and I am thankful for them, their love and presence. I went to my parents summerhouse, stared at the river, and took it one day at a time.

One great thing that happened though was hearing my voice, my words, my singing opening the Eaux Claires ‘Please Listen’ track announcing the 4th edition. Guys! MY VOICE! I still can’t believe it and every time I hear it, I get goosebumps. This is INSANE! In the demo that I had send, I was singing ‘Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, jamais je ne t’oublierai’ and they actually used half of it, like ME singing (yes with a lots of echo) on the website of Eaux Claires. CRAY CRAY. This was, as tiny as it might seem, a real moment of pure joy and it felt good to feel happiness in the midst of the storm.


I haven’t seen that many shows in the last few months but have seen Arcade Fire and The National. They both play my favorite song (Neon Bible for AF and Wasp Nest for The National).

I planned on going to see Iam, Olafur Arnalds, S.Carey, to name only a few. When I think about 2017, I am SO glad it is over. But at the same time, I ‘met’ one of my idol (read about the so so experience here). I strengthened friendships and hopefully will get to meet new awesome people in 2018. I don’t know what is awaiting, but it has got to be better than 2017! I wish you all the best and see you in 2018 where we will be celebrating a wedding, going to shows, getting to sing new material and connect with people.


A few links to read, watch and get inspired on this Friday!

This article by the New Yorker felt like it was basically describing what is constantly happening in my head. Titled ”Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances to Get Coffee”, it portrays how anxiety and worry can be so exhausting!

Claire Cain Miller wrote a beautiful essay in the New York Times. ‘How to Raise a Feminist Son‘ is compelling and shines a light on something we might tend to forget.

I think I’m in love with Jemima Kirke. Her sister is as beautiful and eloquent as her. This series on youtube, I really like and all of their interviews are awesome.


This is a bit dated, but have you watch this interview? I can’t find the complete version on youtube, but if you can find it, I suggest you watch it.


Finally, just because This is Us is starting its Season 2 in a few weeks, a tiny interview with the amazing Milo Ventimiglia. Like, marry me Milo. This brilliant and beautifully written series makes me cry every.single.time. And not to say the least, we are all in love with a guy rocking an 80’s mustache.


During our holiday, we went for a day to Portsmouth. Although I am certain that there are other musts and stops you should make while being in this charming city, I thought I’d share with you my favorite spots. Downtown Portsmouth is this cute area near the water with red brick buildings. It made me think of Boston a lot.

Scallops Mineral and Shell Emporium
This place is incredible. It has everything. I was particularly interested in a ring but they didn’t have my size anymore. Otherwise, the Open Road spray really intrigued me and I would’ve bought every single mineral if possible.


Birchrose + Co
Ok. Where to even begin. We stumbled upon this place really by accident and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’m still dreaming of their products. They create and make all of their products, they have the PRETTIEST packaging, if you think that the exterior is cute well the interior is a hundred times better. I bought the Botanical Facial Steam and the Canabliss candle (hello patchouli lovers). I want e-ve-ry-sin-gle products. They also have curated products for Moon Juice, Kosas and others. I STRONGLY recommand paying them a visit. Now, I am dddyyyinnnggg for the eye serum.


Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium

Not much to say about this place except that is is a-ma-zing! You can buy herbs, crystals,you can have a reading in there. We bought patchouli incense and it is litteraly THE best we ever bought. It smells like patchouli but in the best way possible, it is sweet and subtle and the perfect dose. We truly are in awe and we still talk about this shop. The guy working there was SO nice and sweet and he had the best energy. Like incredible. I suggest you stop by for witchcraft and magical stuff or for one of their classes such as Herbal Alchemy.

Gus & Ruby Letterpress

Aaawwwwww. I want, once again, everything in that store. This boutique has the most amazing card and wrapping paper selection. How creative and beautiful are their window displays, right? They have tons of stationery and other cute things and they now have a store in Portland,ME also. YAY!


As for the food, we really wanted to try The Fresh Press, but unfortunately it was closed. Still, I can’t wait to go back and hopefully have one of their smoothie bowls. Another fun store was Off Piste! Portsmouth, you really charmed us.

Alie, love this typo.





Cleary I have a thing for water. Maybe it’s because I’m a water sign (cancers are the best), who knows. We were off for two weeks and did a few things. As you can see we went to the beach in New Hampshire, stopped by Ogunquit and Portsmouth (stay tune for my musts), headed to the Bas Saint-Laurent to see my family, went to a farm (hello tiny rabbits that hold in my hand). I really wanted to add videos but for some reason it doesn’t work. There were tiny sheeps, tiny rabbits and loads of other animals. I ended my vacay in Montreal, shopping, enjoying the city but mostly attending a wedding. It was a great 14 days.


On our way back from Ogunquit, we saw tons of Inukshuks and stopped to make ours. We picked up shells and are keeping them in our house so when winter hits, we can look back on great memories.

Same picture, different filter. I can’t believe we are already in August. I love summer!

All photos by me


Yes, you have read correctly, I met one of my biggest idol : Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys.

I have been a Backstreet Boys fan since day one. I have never stopped following them, buying their albums and listening to their music even when Kevin left the band (he’s my fave just so you know), and that even when we were 1500 people attending shows. I strongly believe that they are amazing singers, great entertainers and that if I were to play a new BSB song without people knowing it, they would love it as much as they enjoy a Justin Bieber hit let say. I have never cared about the fact that people think it’s stupid for me to be a true BSB fan. What can I say, they are one of my favorite bands and they are part of the reason why I decided to sing. I have to tell you for the sake of this story that I’ve met the BSB back in 2008 but at that time, Kevin wasn’t part of the band anymore. We had waited many hours in front of their hotel in order to meet them. It was a great moment where we quickly took pictures and took 1 minute. It was also the night Obama got elected for the first time and that made it even more special.

(2008, bad pictures because the excitement level was way too high)

This year, the BSB were in town for a show.  My friend & I thought about waiting outside the hotel for a picture but as there was a ‘meet & greet’ and an after party planned, we decided to go for the more ”legit” way and pay 300$ to meet them. For the past 10 years, every single tour, we had been hesitating on purchasing or not a VIP package. It usually costs about 500$ which is believe me way too expensive for me, so we always ended up not buying it. This time, as it was cheaper, we decided to just do it, go crazy and pay ourselves a treat! Also, just so you have all the facts, the after-party (without the meet and greet was 30$).

I was SO nervous! Hang in there because this post is going to be long and just a heads up, I have rarely been that disappointed in something. I was so dumbfounded by how much this night made me feel ridicule that I felt like crying. I am a normal person that is pretty much broke and that has decided ONCE in her life, to pay for something big and I basically paid 270$ more for nothing.

Here’s how the night went :

1. We waited 2h for them to arrive. I totally understand that the people from the organization didn’t have the control over that and to a certain extend I was ok with waiting until 1am on a Sunday night to meet my idol. I was ready for this really important moment of my life.

The ‘meet & greet’ 
2.If you look at what usually is included in a BSB VIP packages, well it consists of, yes an official picture ( which now I know, I will never own a copy of), 1 minute to express your admiration and bonuses such as having access to the soundcheck and things like that. On this particular night, no one in the organization took the time to let us know what the night would be consisting of. No one ever told us that we wouldn’t have time to even take 1 minute to speak with them, no one indicated us that it would only consist of an official picture (no cellphone allowed for that portion of the night) and where and when this photo would be available. It was such a surprise to see that nothing except a 300$ picture was what ‘VIP’ meant. How difficult would it’ve been to explain us, while we were waiting, what was expected of us, what we would be able to experience and where to find this ***!* picture.

(”VIP” pictures, good right?)

3.Once our expeditious picture was taken (like I mean give a hug, take a picture and move on), we were send in a small section, that separated us from the people having paid 30$ with a cord, and that was supposedly the VIP section. Way to feel like a Very Important Person. This section was along a row of tables and on the other side of those tables was the section where the BSB would eventually end up in. Security was constantly asking us to move back in this tiny section, but for us that were among the first in line, it felt kind of absurd. We had just paid this great amount to be near them and were constantly asked to move further back. The guards were rude and were not helping with our questions. And to be fair I’d say that most of the crowd, if not the entire crowd was calm and polite, so why the rudeness,

VIP you said?
4. Once the photo part ended, the VIP section (meaning the cord that were separating us from the rest and that was supposedly giving us a vip access) disappeared. The cords were taken down and within a second, the VIP section vanished. We were simply not given a VIP access and were among the people who paid the 10th of the price. I was squished between the tables and people that were not VIP’s trying to get closer. If I would’ve know that paying 300$ would only be giving me the opportunity to have a picture, I would not have participated. I understand that business is business and money needs to be made, but this really felt like exploiting fans. I felt so humiliated the moment I realized that I could’ve paid 30$ and would have seen Kevin and would’ve been able to take a selfie with him.


Let it be clear that I wasn’t expecting to spend 10 minutes with them, to share a meal with them, I wasn’t expecting to be seated with them, but I was expecting a minimum of time with them, clear indications, a VIP access and my picture. How come I got almost the same thing as the 30$ ticket? I have written to both companies that have organized that evening but nothing came out of it.The main company is there to make money and have told me that as nothing is specified on the ticket as to what the VIP/Meet and greet consists of, well I shouldn’t have expected anything in particular. HELLO! I paid 300 bucks for crying out loud! Way to ruin a special moment.

On a positive note though I did hug Kevin, I did look him right in the eyes. I had prepared a little letter with what I needed to say to him and was SO glad I had brought it with me. I gave him the letter and the rest is history. I felt like he had the best energy ever. His energy was calm, it felt,sane and balanced. He was very polite with all the fans and he looked like he cared. I know this is crazy, but I truly hope that he reads my note. What are the chances right?

So there you have it. I did ‘meet’ my idol. But I can guarantee you that when we met the rest of the band we had wayyy more time and lattitude and it was free. I have learned my lesson. Now that it is over, I will continue to cherish the dream that one day, oh yes, one day, I will sing with the BSB, as silly as it sounds.

(sorry for the quality, this is a screen capture)



I discovered this Montreal designer while attending the PucesPopMTL. I love her stuff and want want wannnnt this Bey tshirt

Image of BEY


I think I want every single tshirt they have. Easy Lover Club ,I am in love. By the way, the #allformelons tshirt is for a great cause, Dose Juice ‘will be donating part of the proceeds from sales of our two seasonal juices MELON and HONEY to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, a foundation that empowers women and helps them break free of violence and poverty, and find their way toward confidence and leadership’. #YAS

All For Melons t-shirt

Ramen-Moi Tee

HKM stand for Hannah Kristina Metz, a designer based in NYC that creates the most magnificent pieces of clothing

Bouquet Back Dress

Reckless Rose BlouseCharlotte Bartlett Dress

Have you watch this series? Sarah Jessica Parker narrates Vogue by decades and it is fascinating.

I have a passion for hats. I rarely wear one nowadays, but when I was young I use to wear hats, berets, and so on. I still have a love for them and wish I could have them all!

Blackburn et Raymond are a Montreal based company and make custom hats for you. You can decide which color, which components you want to add and they do it so it fits your head perfectly. A dream come true!
No.1770 Tancrède

No.1914 Tancrède


Avocado Straw Hat - Honey


Check out my Pinterest board H A T S  for more!



Some inspirations to start the week !




Trash Can Flower Vase Trash Can Flowers Trash Can Vase Flower Flashes Lewis Miller Design


  1. This headpiece! If I’d had it, I would wear it every day, while working, grocery  shopping, walking, you name it.
  2. I love her instagram. Her asthetics are beautiful and one again, this headpiece is to die for
  3. I stumbled upon her creation and I feel in love. I WANT ONE! I can’t seem to find where Sheena sells her pieces but if you do, let me know!
  4. This projet by Lewis Miller is insanely beautiful. I wish I’d have those installations permanently in my town! This projet is called Flower Flashes. You can read more about it here.
  5. This article as been all over the internet. The Most Magnificent Trees, but this Rhododrendon as won my heart. I keep coming back to it. I dream of waking up and having that in my backyard.
  6. (and7)I am litteraly obsessed with Prune‘s flower arrangements. There is nothing else to say, hahaha! I haven’t had the chance to buy a bouquet or even participate to one of her workshop as she’s in Montreal, but I hope I get this opportunity one day. I find her choice of flower on point and her work is what I have been looking for in terms of florists for years! (heart emoji because you know)

‘The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes’ That’s what you’ll find under feminism in the Merriam-Webster. I have been wanting to share this amazing article from the New York Times gathering pictures from marches all over the world for the Women’s March back in January. I was so moved and felt empowered by seeing people gathering all over the globe for a crucial cause. Men, women, children standing under the sun, under the rain, in immense crowds, in small groups all united. I suggest you go look at these amazing photos : Pictures from women’s marches on every continent



Since then, I have been seeing so many tshirts related to the cause and I want them all! I thought I’d share with you my faves :

Femme Forever/Females of the future/Babes Unite/Liberté égalités ensualité/Feminin/Une Femme Libre/Badasse/Fight like a girl/Femme moderne/Pouvoir de fille/Girls/We should all be feminists (this is WAY too expensive, I know it’s Dior, but still)/GRLPWR/Girl Power/Girls support girls



I met Allyson back in 2010 while working at Urban Outffiters. She since then has travelled quite a lot. She is a free-spirit that has incredible drive and determination. I admire the way she speaks and listen to her truth. She is a super positive person, that is on the move and is now living from her passion, yoga. I approached her to participate in this series as we Quebecors tent to go in Mexico only for vacation and I was curious to learn more about her lifestyle. I hope her passion and honesty inspire you to always follow your heart and dreams. If you’re ever in Zihuatanejo, I suggest you stop buy her studio for a yoga session Ynergia !


Name/ Allyson Germain
City of residence/ Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico
Astrological sign/ Gemini
I’m often perceived as \ people tell me I’m/ really smiling and friendly

What does a day in your life looks like?
Waking up a bit before sunrise to open my front door and watch the sun rise sitting on my rooftop, make coffee and meditate, write, talk with my doggy Tanny, check on my plants. Mornings are “me time”. Then, comes normal life, social media, emails, plan somewhat the day, errands, cook, see friends. At 4ish, I head to the studio to clean the space of practice and wait for the magic to happen, see who is going to show up to class 🙂 Sometimes this “me time” is shorter due to morning yoga classes I could be teaching or me wanting to jump in the waves to surf and connect with the power of the ocean.

Why did you choose Zihuatanejo, Guerrero and how long have you been living there for?
I came to visit for the 1st time this place 2 years ago for surfing. A friend suggested me Saladita, a nice quiet surf spot about 20-30 minutes drive from Zihuatanejo and an easy in and out access to the airport. Being in the retail world at the time, we all know we don’t get much vacation 😉 so I was always looking for easy access new surf spots to get away and disconnect from my everyday life. I was put in contact with the owners of LOOT and got to meet these lovely people, and waouw, oh so lovely they were. And when I realized I had to redirect my life, I automatically thought of them and they welcomed me with open arms. Zihuatanejo was once called Zihuatlán, which means the home of the goddess women. So it’s undeniable and evident that the feminine ancestral energy is really strong here and attracts strong powerful women.

Would you say there is a difference between people living on pacific rather then the atlantic side? If yes, how so?
Totally. Like everywhere, we also feel this in Canada. Guerrero is still a really alternative destination for Mexico, apart from Acapulco. And Mexico is generally known for it’s east coast, the calm blue ocean, diving, senotes, pyramids, and with all that comes a lot of tourism, and energy, and party scene, money trades in USD. The Pacific is still a bit more rough around the edges, raw, authentic, real, the power of the waves in the ocean brings in a totally different energy to the coast.

You have started your company, could you tell us a little bit more about it ?
I opened up a Yoga studio in Zihuatanejo, a space to make yoga accessible for the local people. A space to connect, regroup, exchange, discover, explore, a space to feel ourselves into time and space.The 1st 6 months I was living here, I lost touch of my personal yoga practice, it not being accessible in Zihuatanejo and the other places charging in USD was just too much for when you’re reality is in pesos. I realized the importance of yoga in my life when I went back to Vancouver last summer, and it just got so clear that that’s what I needed to do next. Yes I do have tourists come to do yoga, but I’m more working towards building a local community and going hand in hand with the flow of wellness that’s evolving here in Zihuatanejo.

How is dating different in Mexico?
There’s a lot of dancing, men are “hot” you know chilli and seafood are these foods… Men are really sexual. As a white women you can also be perceived a lot like some “fun times”. Until they realize you’re here to stay hahaha well that changes the dynamic. You be nice, you set your boundaries, because abundance is overflowing all over Mexico in all its aspects and forms.

Thoughts on food/eating habits
Food is a passion in Mexico. Every state has it’s food culture. Mexican food is all over the world. And Mexican mama and grandma’s food is like our mama and grandma’s food. Not always the healthiest choice for us but oh so Jummy!! Unfortunately, education towards food and it’s importance and what it does to your body is really low. A lot of processed food, a lot of packed food, a lot of Coca-Cola. But it’s slowly shifting. We have a vegan cooperative that’s doing amazing education by introducing vegan options of  Mexican dishes. Getting the local community to work with what they have, use all the abundance of coconuts around and it’s oil in cooking and foods, etc.

Did you feel it was hard to make new friends and integrate yourself and how different are human relationships? (what differences have you noticed)
I’ve never had issues with this anywhere 😉 And with my LOOT family I’ve been introduced to so many lovely people. LOOT is an incredible networking place. Most of all my strong relationships here in Mexico comes 1st from this place. People in general are really open to new people, to meet you, to get to know you. I have a friend that loves to meet new people. As if everytime he meets a new person, is as if he’s going to explore a new place, a new culture, and going travelling without leaving home.

What is ‘’home’’ for you, as your family is in Quebec, Canada?
Home is where the heart is. hahahahahaha super cliché. For real though, Quebec is a “physical” home in a sense that that’s where I was physically born and raised. Vancouver and Mexico are “nature” and “spiritual” homes as in everyday they make me connect more with the nature around me and deepen my spiritual self. They are all really precious for me and make me feel at home in different ways.

What are myths (violence, poverty or else)?
Guerrero and Michoacán its closest state up north are heavy in Narco traffic. You need to be aware of it and live with it. It happens everywhere around the world. To not live in fear, change your perspective on life, trust your instincts and give it love. That’s the only way.

Do you have access to a lot of cultural events if so what kind?
Zihuatanejo was back in the 1970 was a artist backpacking hub for artist to regroup and create. It is known for it’s Guitarfest every year. 2 worldwide guitar musician are from here called Rodrigo & Gabriela. We have access experience a Temazcal ceremony (Mexican sweat lodge and natural cleansing medicine) every Sunday. There’s fishermen events also as Zihuatanejo all started from being a small Fishermen village. There’s a lot of art exhibitions in the Museum of Archeology. There’s a lot of surf events from all the different waves we’ve got available around here. And much so much more, especially in High Season (during winter time) there’s just always something going on.


Suggestions of what to do, eat and stay when there
To do /

Temazcal ceremony
Sunset yoga at my studio Ynergia, where you start with the sun, practice through sunset and finish savasana in the night
Massage on Playa la Ropa for 10$
Boat or walk across to Playa Las Gatas and discover some totally different waters and sand from the rest of the bay
Do snorkelling ot diving with my friend Poto and explore the oceans around and if you’re in whale season (spring) you might see some close by and hear them singing underwater.
Roadtrip to Troncones and/or Saladita, feel the surf towns and wellness energy. Maybe even discover the secret natural Hot Springs 😉

To eat /

Carmelitas Cafe, best Mexican breakfast and lunch in town
LOOT, best coffee and general vibe for everything, chilling, dancing at night, eating and drinking jummy cocktails
Angustina, best place to discover mezcal
El Manglar, in la Ropa for the best beachfront Tiritas (traditional ceviche’ish from here) and guacamole and michelada
Eco-Tianguis Sanka, every Saturday at 9am there’s a local organic market with organic, vegan or raw food options, all homemade and also some arts and natural products

To stay /

Well that depends on your budget because there’s a lot of options.
Cheap deals: my home, El Rincon del Viajero a lovely hostel filled with permaculture and love, El Pirata in La Ropa for a more touristy vibe.
A bit more upscale: La Casa Mx owned by my LOOT family, Hotel Real de la Palma in Playa La Ropa owned by my friend’s family with a lovely quiet energy a bit away from the direct beachfront and super jummy food.

What is the question you wish people asked you and what is the answer?
What do you do everyday to serve your higher self? My higher self is my everyday guide, but sometimes it’s not always what happens. We just need to see these moments as learnings and part of the process of being human.

What tradition/ trait in people would you like to bring back with you in Canada?
Lightness of living, simplicity, enjoying life first and what it has to offer. Its beautiful people, its beautiful nature, take care of it, love it all. Undig your families traditions and rituals, come back and connect to it and step away at times from today’s technology.

all photos by Allyson Germain