2016 goals


Lot’s of things for 2016. Too much on the agenda? We’ll see. Here are my goals for the year. I prefer not to call them resolutions, because I can’t keep my new year’s resolutions. Do you set yourselves goals for the new year?

  • Be more creative   \   I want to make music again. It is and will always be running through my veins. I miss singing, I miss playing with musicians. I want to cover songs that I love, I want to make videos, I want to prepare a jazz EP. I mostly want to collaborate with people I respect and that I find talented. I would also like to post on the blog once per week. That is a huge commitment for me, but I sincerely want to attain that objective.
  • Do   \   Be proactive in general and stop analyzing so much. Just do things, try and feed life’s energy and movement.
  • Have less migraines   \   I have had migraines for ever, but for the past 2 years I’ve had them everyday. I would like to find something that really helps meaning getting back in shape, getting better at eating habits, following through with physiotherapy exercises and start talking about stuff, to feel that I’m being heard.
  • Start living for myself and embrace 30   \   Worry less about where I’m not and what I don’t have. Stop comparing myself to others. 30 is approaching and without putting to much emphasis on the number, I’d like to be proud of it instead of perceiving it as a failure or a pin point of my objectives that have not been met.

There you go. We will see what will happen, but I’m sending all of that in the universe and will try my best to remembers those 4 points in the next months.


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