I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but I really enjoy the idea of Galentine’s day on the 13th. Thanks Leslie Knope for your extravagant  and brilliant ideas. I asked my friend Lorelei to come up with printable cards you could send to your partner but also to your friends, parents and whomever you’d like. I wanted to have cards that represented love but not necessarily in a romantic way. My talented friend came up with these cute designs! I hope you’ll feel inspired and write to people you love. ♥

Valentine 1

Valentine1 (Click here to download)


Valentine2 (Click here to download)


Valentine3 (Click here to download)


Valentine 4 (Click here to download)


You can go check Lorelei L’Affeter’s work here : seifersucht.wordpress.com and here smoogbox.com . I suggest you do! She’s talented and so creative! Thank you for your collaboration my friend.