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My name is Chloé. I am moving in the next few weeks back to my hometown, Québec City. I’ve been living with my boyfriend in Montréal for the past 4 years. I’ve studied music and I’m a singer. I have released an EP and I’m planning on releasing new music this year.

I’m particularly interested in people and relationships. I hope this platform engages us in great conversations, discussions and mostly discoveries of brilliant and inspiring people and things.

This blog couldn’t have happened without the immense help and talent of my friend MP Hawey. She designed the logo, layout and much more. She built this from the ground and help me with my endless questions. MERCI! xx

I would also like to say a BIG thank you to my friend Alex that provides the BEST proofreading services ever! He helps with the most important final touch, meaning making sure that you guys will understand what I write. MERCI!x I strongly suggest that you hire him if you ever need this kind of services for English documents. You can contact him at – alex-r-taylor@hotmail.com

Chloé x