I spend a lot of time on Instagram and spend most of that time in the ”Discover” section. Countless hours have been dedicated to finding great new accounts to follow. Here are my recent favorites.

Holly Fox :

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Larkspurvintage :


Erin Floret :


Tatsuya Tanaka :


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I really enjoy reading about other people’s favorites. Over the last few months and years, I’ve discovered or at least was intrigued by a lot of ”faves of the month”. Isn’t it exciting to discover something new and realize that it totally fits your needs! JEEZ! I love it! Here are my January faves.



1.Chao Vegan Cheese This, I discovered through somebody’s favorites of the month. I have tried A LOT of vegan cheese and this is the ONLY ONE I find that tastes this good. It really really really is delicious. The texture is awesome, it has kind of a buttery taste. My favorite flavor is the plain one.  Although it is expensive, I find it’s totally worth it.

2.Roasted Almond ”Tea” by Social Coffee & Tea Company I am addicted to that stuff. It is basically heaven. Dried apples and beetroots with caramelized almonds together give this sweet flavor.

3.Making a murderer I got caught in that frenzy. Boy oh boy it got me hooked! I watched like 3 episodes per day (I don’t have a life) I still think about it regularly and I wish we could know the truth. I have never been that frustrated watching a documentary. I recommend it to everyone.

4.Sephora’s Lip Stain, #14 Blackberry Sorbet Finally I bought one of Sephora’s lip stain and it lives up to the expectation. I like the formula a lot, it definitively stays even when drinking and the tint is perfect!



5.Boxer braids I don’t have long hair, I wish I would right now just to have this on my head. Not sure I could pull it off, but I’m obsessed with this hairstyle.

6.Cannabis Santal by Fresh I have been looking for a fragrance like this for almost two years now and have finally found it. It is sexy, masculine and feminine at the same time. I am in love you guys. The description goes like this : ”kumquat and dark plum mingled with patchouli, magnolia, chocolate, vetiver, and vanilla musk”.

See you soon for the month of February!


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Hello! I don’t know if you guys enjoyed my Youtube suggestions, but here’s the last part of my favorite channels. I could’ve honestly done like 5 posts on this but I guess that will be enough for now! Hope you enjoy!

Emily Henderson

Interior designer and stylist based in L.A, she does not post often but when it is worth it. She has INCREDIBLE talent and taste, and let me tell you something, she’s not that well known and respect for nothing. You want to be inspired or get tips on home decor, run to Emily’s channel. She has this quirky and fun way to explain clearly how to, for example, style your nightstands. I strongly suggest that you check her blog out as well!



I LOVE HER. I’m just fascinated by her lifestyle. Every one knows around me how much I love Gigi. She is full out and I find her courageous for the fact that she lived her transformation under people’s scrutiny and millions of followers on Youtube. Yes, she’s trans and she’s livin’ it!


Claire Marshall

I appreciate a lot the aesthetics in her videos. It’s clean, visually and graphically neat, I love it. She’s a makeup artist but you’ll find fashion and even food entries on her channel. There is also a extremely touching video on her mom, it is called Mary.


The Skin Deep

I am totally fascinated by this. I’m not sure I have words to describe how much certain encounters have moved me. It is basically two people sitting in front of each other, asking questions they are randomly picking out. Sisters, fathers and daughters, lovers, ex-lovers, name it. It is pure human relationships and I encourage you to watch some of those videos. There is more on their website TheSkinDeep.

That concludes for Youtube faves for now. Don’t forget to comment with your favorites!





I mean, I’m completely addicted to Netflix, Youtube, Tv, Vimeo and others, but again who isn’t? I’m always on the lookout for new things to watch and wonder what are people’s favorites. Please share yours, I’d love to discover new ones! First post of this series : Youtube Channels that I watch and follow like everyday style. Some of them are pretty much superstars! That is cray-cray, I mean to think that people now have Youtube as a job.


They’re funny, young, full of energy, speak multiple languages and their channel is mainly based on their travels. Tips, confessions, everyday life, that what’s the channel is all about. I find them REALLY entertaining.

Estée Lalonde

She’s Canadian, she lives in London UK, she is SO pretty and she feels to me like the girl next door, except with a bigger budget and prettier apartment (wink). She talks mainly about beauty, makeup, fashion but lately she has widened her horizons with subjects like lifestyle. If you like her, you should also definitively follow her on Snapchat.


I’ve recently ended up in this channel, which is part of the Vice family, and found myself binge watching all of their videos. Based on women’s point of view, they discuss very interesting subjects. This video up here is one of my favorites.

Green Kitchen Stories

I enjoy not only their vegetarian recipes a lot but also their aesthetics. Simple, really easy to understand, beautiful and what looks like tasty recipes, I enjoy spending time on their channel quite a lot. I would also suggest that you check out their website which is as delicious looking as this!


So that’s it for Part I of the Youtube channels, I hope you enjoyed and found something inspiring in all of this. Stay tuned for the Part II and my other video obsessions!