I discovered this Montreal designer while attending the PucesPopMTL. I love her stuff and want want wannnnt this Bey tshirt

Image of BEY


I think I want every single tshirt they have. Easy Lover Club ,I am in love. By the way, the #allformelons tshirt is for a great cause, Dose Juice ‘will be donating part of the proceeds from sales of our two seasonal juices MELON and HONEY to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, a foundation that empowers women and helps them break free of violence and poverty, and find their way toward confidence and leadership’. #YAS

All For Melons t-shirt

Ramen-Moi Tee

HKM stand for Hannah Kristina Metz, a designer based in NYC that creates the most magnificent pieces of clothing

Bouquet Back Dress

Reckless Rose BlouseCharlotte Bartlett Dress

Have you watch this series? Sarah Jessica Parker narrates Vogue by decades and it is fascinating.

I have a passion for hats. I rarely wear one nowadays, but when I was young I use to wear hats, berets, and so on. I still have a love for them and wish I could have them all!

Blackburn et Raymond are a Montreal based company and make custom hats for you. You can decide which color, which components you want to add and they do it so it fits your head perfectly. A dream come true!
No.1770 Tancrède

No.1914 Tancrède


Avocado Straw Hat - Honey


Check out my Pinterest board H A T S  for more!



‘The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes’ That’s what you’ll find under feminism in the Merriam-Webster. I have been wanting to share this amazing article from the New York Times gathering pictures from marches all over the world for the Women’s March back in January. I was so moved and felt empowered by seeing people gathering all over the globe for a crucial cause. Men, women, children standing under the sun, under the rain, in immense crowds, in small groups all united. I suggest you go look at these amazing photos : Pictures from women’s marches on every continent



Since then, I have been seeing so many tshirts related to the cause and I want them all! I thought I’d share with you my faves :

Femme Forever/Females of the future/Babes Unite/Liberté égalités ensualité/Feminin/Une Femme Libre/Badasse/Fight like a girl/Femme moderne/Pouvoir de fille/Girls/We should all be feminists (this is WAY too expensive, I know it’s Dior, but still)/GRLPWR/Girl Power/Girls support girls



Forestry Wool  – I want every single product they have.

mineraltherapyrosequartzbyashleyneese1Stumbled upon the Nylon’s Guide to Essential Crystals. Lately, I’ve been really interested in crystals and have been reading on the matter. There is a great blog post over on ashleeyneese / Mineral Therapy


windowrings3_01f4ab52-fdb7-42ab-920d-06ab4930c3fb_1024x1024I want this Stefanies heeh an designs’ ring so bad (and so many more).

untitled-165-1Am I the only person in the world that didn’t know that those existed? Cereal Magazine’s City Guides & Online Books look like a piece of art.

His voice.


I spend a lot of time on Instagram and spend most of that time in the ”Discover” section. Countless hours have been dedicated to finding great new accounts to follow. Here are my recent favorites.

Holly Fox :


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pastel pantone

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Larkspurvintage :


Erin Floret :


Tatsuya Tanaka :


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I really enjoy reading about other people’s favorites. Over the last few months and years, I’ve discovered or at least was intrigued by a lot of ”faves of the month”. Isn’t it exciting to discover something new and realize that it totally fits your needs! JEEZ! I love it! Here are my January faves.



1.Chao Vegan Cheese This, I discovered through somebody’s favorites of the month. I have tried A LOT of vegan cheese and this is the ONLY ONE I find that tastes this good. It really really really is delicious. The texture is awesome, it has kind of a buttery taste. My favorite flavor is the plain one.  Although it is expensive, I find it’s totally worth it.

2.Roasted Almond ”Tea” by Social Coffee & Tea Company I am addicted to that stuff. It is basically heaven. Dried apples and beetroots with caramelized almonds together give this sweet flavor.

3.Making a murderer I got caught in that frenzy. Boy oh boy it got me hooked! I watched like 3 episodes per day (I don’t have a life) I still think about it regularly and I wish we could know the truth. I have never been that frustrated watching a documentary. I recommend it to everyone.

4.Sephora’s Lip Stain, #14 Blackberry Sorbet Finally I bought one of Sephora’s lip stain and it lives up to the expectation. I like the formula a lot, it definitively stays even when drinking and the tint is perfect!



5.Boxer braids I don’t have long hair, I wish I would right now just to have this on my head. Not sure I could pull it off, but I’m obsessed with this hairstyle.

6.Cannabis Santal by Fresh I have been looking for a fragrance like this for almost two years now and have finally found it. It is sexy, masculine and feminine at the same time. I am in love you guys. The description goes like this : ”kumquat and dark plum mingled with patchouli, magnolia, chocolate, vetiver, and vanilla musk”.

See you soon for the month of February!


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