I really enjoy reading about other people’s favorites. Over the last few months and years, I’ve discovered or at least was intrigued by a lot of ”faves of the month”. Isn’t it exciting to discover something new and realize that it totally fits your needs! JEEZ! I love it! Here are my January faves.



1.Chao Vegan Cheese This, I discovered through somebody’s favorites of the month. I have tried A LOT of vegan cheese and this is the ONLY ONE I find that tastes this good. It really really really is delicious. The texture is awesome, it has kind of a buttery taste. My favorite flavor is the plain one.  Although it is expensive, I find it’s totally worth it.

2.Roasted Almond ”Tea” by Social Coffee & Tea Company I am addicted to that stuff. It is basically heaven. Dried apples and beetroots with caramelized almonds together give this sweet flavor.

3.Making a murderer I got caught in that frenzy. Boy oh boy it got me hooked! I watched like 3 episodes per day (I don’t have a life) I still think about it regularly and I wish we could know the truth. I have never been that frustrated watching a documentary. I recommend it to everyone.

4.Sephora’s Lip Stain, #14 Blackberry Sorbet Finally I bought one of Sephora’s lip stain and it lives up to the expectation. I like the formula a lot, it definitively stays even when drinking and the tint is perfect!



5.Boxer braids I don’t have long hair, I wish I would right now just to have this on my head. Not sure I could pull it off, but I’m obsessed with this hairstyle.

6.Cannabis Santal by Fresh I have been looking for a fragrance like this for almost two years now and have finally found it. It is sexy, masculine and feminine at the same time. I am in love you guys. The description goes like this : ”kumquat and dark plum mingled with patchouli, magnolia, chocolate, vetiver, and vanilla musk”.

See you soon for the month of February!


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