I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day, but I really enjoy the idea of Galentine’s day on the 13th. Thanks Leslie Knope for your extravagant  and brilliant ideas. I asked my friend Lorelei to come up with printable cards you could send to your partner but also to your friends, parents and whomever you’d like. I wanted to have cards that represented love but not necessarily in a romantic way. My talented friend came up with these cute designs! I hope you’ll feel inspired and write to people you love. ♥

Valentine 1

Valentine1 (Click here to download)


Valentine2 (Click here to download)


Valentine3 (Click here to download)


Valentine 4 (Click here to download)


You can go check Lorelei L’Affeter’s work here : seifersucht.wordpress.com and here smoogbox.com . I suggest you do! She’s talented and so creative! Thank you for your collaboration my friend.



As I want to make this blog a communal space, where I can showcase as many collaborators as possible, I came up with the idea of a series called ‘From me to you’. With the hope of inspiring you in your everyday life, I will ask creative people to design, draw and create amazing and pretty downloadable things for you on a, I hope, monthly basis. Here is the first post!

Although this would have been a little more appropriate at the end of December, I do believe that it is not too late. I have asked a friend of mine to design a calendar for you (and me) to print and use over 2016. YAY! I gave her no particular guidelines design wise and here’s what she came up with. I really like the result, find it super creative and hope that you will too. You can download it below (link after pictures). Use it at home, at work, print it off your computer, hang it on your wall and share it with your friends. To sum it all up you can do whatever you want with it.

Calender_2016_DesignbyJesabeStJean-page-001 Calender_2016_DesignbyJesabeStJean-page-006Happy New Year :
Click HERE to download the fabulous calendar!

Here are Jesabel’s informations if you ever are interested in seeing her work. Do not hesitate to contact and hire her! She is awesome and so talented!