I don’t know where I’d use it but I stumbled upon the Marble Collection from Murals Wallpaper and I am adding it to my wallpaper WishList.


I love rings and I’ve been looking for quality jewelry lately. One of the answer would be Bing Bang NYC.

No. is Romy Northover and I have no words. Her work is absolutely stunning and I am DREAMING of those cups. Check out her Instagram.


For once, YouTube proposed a video that I actually really liked. I have been watching all of Garance Dore‘s videos and I find them so inspiring. I love the women she is chatting with, the subjects, the visual, bref everything!


I’m a little bit late but on September 16th was the Harvest Moon. Because I’ve decided to call my blog after that astronomical phenomenon, why not talk about it here. The Harvest Moon is ” to astronomers, the full moon closest to the September equinox, and full moon comes at the instant when the moon is 180o from the sun in ecliptic – or celestial – longitude.” Here’s a time lapse shared by 12 News


I spend a lot of time on Instagram and spend most of that time in the ”Discover” section. Countless hours have been dedicated to finding great new accounts to follow. Here are my recent favorites.

Holly Fox :

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pastel pantone

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Larkspurvintage :


Erin Floret :


Tatsuya Tanaka :


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PC mgodmer

I met Michaël 4 years ago in Montreal. We worked in the same office and got along pretty fast. I find him super funny and I admire his amibition and talent. He also has the best energy their is. Always willing and positive, his attitude is contagious and in a really good way! When I’m around him, I feel like I could start a billion projects. He has started his own design company and is working his butt off! You should definitively check out his work at : 45 Nord Atelier . He is a good example that young people can achieve great things!

Name/ Michael Godmer
City of residence/ Montreal
Astrological sign/ Cancer
I’m often perceived as \ people tell me I’m/ Unified, Ambitious, Workaholic, Intense, Manager to the core (as an example, I’ve been told that I’d be the kind of person to do an excel spread sheet for a pot luck) and Bi-Polar Economical
Job/ Interior Designer

What does a day in your life look like?
I try to have a steady routine in order to keep a cool head and have good energy throughout the day. I always start off my morning with a coffee at home and then sit at my kitchen counter to read my emails. I then take time to get ready and figure out my to-do list for the day. While driving to work, I return calls and try to figure out my priorities and emergencies. Once at work, I take care of those emergencies and coordinate with my team. By that time, it is often 2pm, I then take time to put my phone on vibrate and close my emails in order to focus 100% on projects, this way it allows me to be creative and have more focus on what I prefer, meaning design! Once back home, at the end of the day, I do a little training. It helps me relax and take my mind off work. I usually end my day at around 9pm and take time for myself. Having a business is being able to manage projcet, finances, a team, but it also starts by being able to manage my own personnal life. This takes a lot of discipline.

Was your age ever a challenge for you regarding your profession as to how people perceive or trust you?
Let me think…. GOSH YES! Having started my career at such a young age as 17 years old, I’ve had the opportunity to have important positions in different companies and fields. By betting on what I had to offer instead of using my age as an advantage, I was able to go a long way. Nowadays, when clients realize that I’m 25, I still get comments on how they can’t believe I’m so young . Some of them even go as far as to tell me that I could be their son! Part of me understands that reaction and on the other hand I still can’t believe that some adults think that all young people are couch potatoes and don’t have any willpower. Incredible!

What would you say contributes to your success in terms of your personality excluding your obvious talent?
One thing : knowing and identifying my goals. Follow those guidelines and look ahead. I’d like to add that I don’t believe in luck, like people will tell me ‘’wow, you are so lucky,’’ but I don’t think that is accurate. You have to always move forward and seize the opportunities as they present themselves in your life.

45 Nord Atelier
Michaël’s project

What object could you not live without\or that you love the most?
My phone. That is, I guess, a pretty common answer, but it connects me to work, home and it is also a great tool when travelling. It really allows me to be efficient in my work days. It also helps me to manage my stress better by having access to my work and projects even when not at the office. It helps to keep a healthy balance, meaning I can use it whenever needed and I can also turn it off when I need a moment to myself.

What is the question you wish people asked you and what is the answer?
Is it difficult to start your own business and how much do you earn? You must make a lot of money right?

To that I’d say, it looks pretty glamorous to have your own business, yeah sure. But even though I still have tons of fun working as a designer and an entrepreneur, I don’t know if I would have still launched my company, knowing how much hard work it is. Honestly, I probably would’ve done it anyways! It requires me to be rigourous, to have a lot of amibtion, but mostly to love what I do every single day. And just so you know, you don’t make that much money!

Do you have any tips on interior design for us (simple things that we can apply to our homes)?
Create a space that represents you and mostly that you can function in every day of the week. Magazines, Pinterest and Blogs are some sure sources of inspiration and good ideas, but they might not always apply to your lifestyle. I sincerely believe that if I can guide people with that train of thought, I’ll say, ‘mission accomplished’.

For example, at home I have a chair in the hallway. It is there not because I’ve seen it in Dwell, but it is place in that specific space because when I get home and my boyfriend is cooking, I can just immediately sit and chat with him about our day.

What is a personal objective for you in the coming year?
To find balance between work and personal time. I’d like for it to be 40% personnal and 60% work instead of 20%/80%!

Who or what influences you the most and has been your biggest inspiration and why?
As I mentioned, there is Emily Henderson, but also my mentor and friend Stéphanie. I’ve always been inspired by businesswomen. She studied interior design as well as project management and nowadays, she combines those two passions. She’s an artist manager and she also works on diverse design projects with me. The way she gathers people, creates teams and her management skills fascinate me. She has this way of explaining projects, defining her vision while staying rational and keeping clients’ dreams alive. Maintaining a human approach while managing teams and projects is for me the direction I want to go in.

What is the thing that people should get conscious of or read about?
Design wise- plants. I don’t mention it enough but plants are not only a nice part of pinterest boards or used to add a little extra touch to the ambiance, they also grow with the space and fill it with life. I feel it’s important for plants to inhabit the space and last, which emphasize that you are living, as time goes by, in a home and not only with nice decorations and in pretty settings.

PC alexandre leclerc
45 Nord Atelier’s project

Because I see you as a very paternal man, I have to ask you; would you like to have kids?
Hummm… That is something I think about a lot but I feel I’ll really think and reflect on the matter later in my thirties. My boyfriend and I feel that we are not ready for kids yet. Although being present for my nieces and nephews makes me learn a lot and makes me grow and I feel as though it’s an experience that everyone should live. Life goes by, work takes control of your routine. Kids have a way of bringing you back to the essential and I hope one day to have the strength and courage necessary to benefit from the amazing experience of parenthood.

Would you still like to sing or return to singing? Do you feel that as an interior designer, your creative side is fulfilled?
I’m lucky enough that my actual work allows me to be creative but it also consists of other tasks such as as management, follow ups, finances… Music represents more a personal moment for myself, for reflexion and relaxation. It allows me to fulfill my creativity and to lose myself in time and space.

One band in the past year/ Lo-fang
One book/ Modern originals Leslie Williamson
One piece of clothing/ My ‘Want’ wallet and my Naked and Famous black jeans

PC Annie Pier Bureau
PC mgodmer