Today marks the 1 year anniversary of us moving back to our hometown, Québec City. A year of big adjustments and changes. I would also like to add  ‘2016 you were honestly the worst’. #bye2016

Anyways, moving back here has been as hard as it has been fun. Sometimes, it totally feels like I never left. Things feel so familiar but at the same time they make me feel like I don’t totally belong here. It’s weird. One thing for sure, is that I dearly miss my friends from Montreal. It took quite some time for me to make new friends in Mtl, so now that I have them I miss them even more I guess. I miss their open mindedness, I miss laughing with them and having common interests with people on an everyday basis. I have met nice people here, but as you know making friends does not happen overnight. I’m also super lucky to have a few amazing friends here and I cherish those relationships.

Even after a year, I still question myself as to where I want to settle down. Being back here has allowed me to have different perspectives on things, on what I want and need. One of the really positive things of being back, is that I’m finally making music again! Yay!

It is funny how what I love about one city is what annoys me about the other;

I MISS the Metro and the public transportation here, I can’t even ..

I feel more relax and less anxious in Qc. The pace is way slower and I feel less pressure in all kinds of areas in my life. That is definitively a plus.

I miss speaking English on an everyday basis. I feel like I am loosing all my English skills and that I certainly don’t want. Quebec is a frenchie fo’ sure.

I miss the easy access to shows and culture in general. Quebec is working hard on that I know, but still I miss not having to take 2 days off only to see an artist I like.

I enjoy quite a lot how much people are polite here in Qc. But they have NO clue as to how to make a line while waiting for something though.

I enjoy how in Quebec most of things happen in houses and how people will invite you to their home instead of going out most of the times.

What I think is the hardest is how much I encounter people who are racist, homophobe, who have no interest in the environment, in culture, in design, who do not vote on election day. I am sorry to say that but  sat least once a week I witness a behavior or comments of some sort that keeps the Quebec clichés alive. THAT I profoundly dislike.

Finally, thank you for spending 2016 with me here on the blog. It has been a joy and a great creative outlet for me. In 2017 I’d like to post more often, more regularly, write more portraits and post more of my music 🙂

Cheers to 2017 and see you NEVER 2016!



Flying to EC

As people are about to return to the river, my heart weeps because I won’t. Having experienced what Eaux Claires is all about, I can’t believe I won’t be one of the beating heart standing in the field.

Last year, my brain exploded and I bough plane tickets, festival passes and waited for July to come. The first edition’s lineup of the Eaux Claires Festival was cray cray and not only was it the best decision e-ver to go to Wisconsin, but I am also extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to live the best festival experience of my life.

Art installations, pop up shops, merchandise and site made the experience incredible. I wanted to see so many artists but due to a combination of heat (we are talking about 2 Quebecers standing in a field with let’s say… a limited amount of available shade spots  at 37C, full on humidity, no wind on the first day, at the bed river level) and social anxiety, we didn’t get to see all of them. We managed to see The Staves, Elliott Moss, Phil Cook, S.Carey and the jazz ensemble, Sufjan Stevens and Bon Iver. What is there to say : it was perfect. Can you believe that this year’s Bon Iver set will only be new music. UGHHHHH! I’ve been waiting for that for years and people, we won’t be there!

Sets I wished we attended : Aero Flynn, Blind Boys of Alabama, Colin Stetson, Hiss Golden Messenger, Lizzo, Phox, Rosenau, Sylvan Esso, The National and The Tallest Man on Earth.

So by now, you’re probably like, Chloe what was so great about that particular festival? Well my friends, probably everything. Water stations, AWESOME shuttle organization with friendly drivers, wind on the second day, the venue which by itself is like out of this world (it is so soothing with the river flowing in the back ground) and the Field Journal which some people made great use out of it. Props to the mist tent (Thank you sweet baby jesus (kanye west writes awesome lines). Also, the crew on site was super friendly. What really made the experience better was the crowd. I have been to a lot a shows and to quite a few outdoors events but I don’t know what happened in Wisconsin, the crowd was awesome. People were respectful, polite, not to extravagant, were loud when needed and quiet when appropriate. Togetherness would be the word. 22 000 people in total silence and communion listening to Bon Iver, that is indescribable. I thought my heart was going to explode.

As to Eau Claire, the city, well we drove around, saw things, saw landmarks (hello Towers) and felt the vibe. There was also this insane thunderstorm in the middle of the night, which made us feel really appreciative of our hotel room (what’s up people in tents). Finally, I hope that one day, this magical happening will be broadcasted live for everyone to experience.

P.S To the girl who was giving a handjob to his boyfriend while we were all tearing up to Bon Iver’s songs, we did see you.
Subtlety : 0. Sexual acts in public (22 000 people): 1.

Sorry for the few pictures and mostly grainy ones but I cherish those moments so much. There is the Visit Eau Claire Instagram account that is pretty neat and of course Eaux Claires’ website if you wish for better ones! x

2015-07-17 16.20.55 string ec 1 strings ec 2 2015-07-17 20.32.29 2015-07-17 21.18.50 2015-07-17 21.02.46 2015-07-18 22.58.31 pictures by me (Flying, Eaux Claires, Art installation, Chippewa River, The Towers, Owen Park Bandshell, Me  dying)

One day, I will #returntotheriver



I turned 30. Yep! On June 22nd (#yayforcancers) I transitioned to an age I never thought would come so fast. I’ve heard so many different things and thoughts on turning 30. There is those who definitively don’t care, those who will kindly try to reassure me by either saying that I’m still young or that it is only a number, and there are a few people that totally get how I feel, meaning lost, stressed out, so unsatisfied and stuck. I know 30 is still young but I’d say that most people around me at 30 (or worst, at like 22) are somewhat where they wished or worked for. Is it me that didn’t work hard enough? Is it me that don’t know how to make connections or friends? How can I finally achieve part of what I want, how can I be headed in the ‘’right’’ direction? I feel so much pressure to BE someone.

I thought I’d be fit, I’m not, I pushed it away. I thought I’d still be a singer, but after my EP things kind of fell apart. I thought I’d be travelling, I’m not. I thought I’d have some financial stability, I don’t. I do have great things in my life, I know, but what strikes me at 30 is what I don’t have.

My wish for this new decade is to realize my dreams. I want to find solutions to my ‘’problems’’ and move foward. I want to make music with awesome musicians. I want to continue my blog and be more creative. I’d love to make new friends. I will care even less about comments on how crazy I am, how too passionate or curious I am, how I rarely hesitate to talk with people and make new connections. Who cares honestly? I’m already 30, what do I have to waist now? Nothing.

I want to be even more in synch with what I truly want. I don’t know if I want kids and I have to come to terms with that. I have anxiety, it’s ok I’ll get through it.

I have been suggested to do a list, a 5 year plan, a 10 year plan, and I will do so, trying to figure out what my next steps are. I’d love to do the Lulu Lemon’s 10 year plan. I’d love also this year to try Bullet journaling .

Happy birthday to everyone who is turning 30 this year! x

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PC ctrudel
PC ctrudel

Oh hello! I thought I’d do a little post to introduce what the blog is about, why I started it and the type of posts you’ll find in here. I’ve started this blog because I really needed a creative outlet! I kind of put aside singing in the past few years and sharing with people and letting my creativity go wild was something that was missing in my life. This blog will mainly consists of lifestyles, interior design, food, fashion, music and so many other subjects posts. I really want this blog to feel and be communal, to have tons of collaborators and to share ideas with you.

PC Llamaryon
PC Llamaryon
PC jm - Me speechless and teary eyed watching Bon Iver at Eaux Claires
PC jm – Me speechless and teary eyed watching Bon Iver at Eaux Claires

I’d like to let you know why my blog is called ”Oh Harvest Moon”. It is not a Neil Young reference and even though it might sound abstract to certain people (and I get that), to me the name felt really representative of what I had in mind. Harvest Moon is nature’s way giving signal to farmers that it is time to harvest what has been planted. To me, that felt so right and in tune with my life. It is time for me to put out there what has been growing creatively in my mind. Does that make sense to you?

2014-06-23 14.45.12 - copie

PC ctrudel
PC ctrudel

You will find monthly posts like Portraits, Playlists, Obsessions, ‘From me to you’ in here. I have created a menu called 365. It, of course, represents every day of the year and you will find loads of posts in there. As for who I am, what I do, etc… Well I think you’ll find out via each of my posts.

As of now you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and I’ve added to the blog a subscribe button, MailChimp style, so that you guys can receive emails, if you are interested of course, every time I post.

So here we go! I strongly encourage you to comment on posts, suggest new things and subjects. I want you to be a part of this new adventure!

Chloé x

PC scardinal Me riding an helicopter for the first and probably the last time
PC scardinal Me riding an helicopter for the first and probably the last time


Lot’s of things for 2016. Too much on the agenda? We’ll see. Here are my goals for the year. I prefer not to call them resolutions, because I can’t keep my new year’s resolutions. Do you set yourselves goals for the new year?

  • Be more creative   \   I want to make music again. It is and will always be running through my veins. I miss singing, I miss playing with musicians. I want to cover songs that I love, I want to make videos, I want to prepare a jazz EP. I mostly want to collaborate with people I respect and that I find talented. I would also like to post on the blog once per week. That is a huge commitment for me, but I sincerely want to attain that objective.
  • Do   \   Be proactive in general and stop analyzing so much. Just do things, try and feed life’s energy and movement.
  • Have less migraines   \   I have had migraines for ever, but for the past 2 years I’ve had them everyday. I would like to find something that really helps meaning getting back in shape, getting better at eating habits, following through with physiotherapy exercises and start talking about stuff, to feel that I’m being heard.
  • Start living for myself and embrace 30   \   Worry less about where I’m not and what I don’t have. Stop comparing myself to others. 30 is approaching and without putting to much emphasis on the number, I’d like to be proud of it instead of perceiving it as a failure or a pin point of my objectives that have not been met.

There you go. We will see what will happen, but I’m sending all of that in the universe and will try my best to remembers those 4 points in the next months.


December 31th, last day of this endless year. What a year! I can’t wait for you 2016! I thought I’d share with you the musical highlights of my 2015. I have listened non-stop to either folk or pop. I usually try to keep myself updated on new releases and music in general, but haven’t achieve that goal this year. The worst thing about being late with new releases and upcoming bands is that I usually discover them 6 months after they’ve been in town for a show, and there is no worst feeling.

From The Staves to Beyoncé to Christine and the Queens, my year was filled with amazing songs, artists and talents that blew my mind. Here are two songs that I would’ve loved to add on the playlist but they have not been released yet in audio (just click on the song title for the video) :

Bon Iver – New song #2
Bonus: Justin Vernon’s speech on his festival. I shed a lot of tears when I heard this new song. What an experience. I’ll do a post on my Eaux Claires trip and festival experience pretty soon.

Britten Newbill – Wildflower
I LOVE this guy’s voice and I can’t wait for his album to come out. In the mean time, he released this single and his EP called Six Strings and a Drum Machine is available. I love love love every single song.

Here’s the playlist ladies and gentlemen. Let me know what you listened to this year :

Damn it all – The Staves
Great Tide – Phil Cook
Lost in the light – Bahamas
Partition – Beyoncé
Sorry – Justin Bieber
Mahogany Dread – Hiss Golden Messenger
A Lone Sound – All Tiny Creatures
Nuit 17 à 52 – Christine and the queens
One last time – Ariana Grande
When love hurts – Jojo
Noyer – Rosie Valland
I Am Not Waiting Anymore – Field Report
On the nights you stayed home – Donovan Woods
When we were young – Adele
Every grain of sand – The Blind Boys of Alabama feat. Justin Vernon
Lost in the sound – Angie Miller
Highspeeds – Elliot Moss
Valentine – Pentatonix
Long way home – The Slow Show
Radiant – S.Carey


Credit : Aran Goyoaga @cannellevanille
Aran Goyoaga @cannellevanille
My friends, I LOVE Christmas music. My official rule for starting listening to Christmas music is either on December 1st or on the first snow of the year. Having worked in a record store for a few Christmases where music started to be played on November 1st, I’ve heard my share of it. I thought I’d share with you my favorite music songs and/or albums. I could’ve honestly written an endless list but I’ve tried to picked my favorites:

Old Classics:

  • Harry Belafonte / Mary’s Boy Child : I can’t find the version that I L-O-V-E because not only was it sold on a cassette but it also seems like no one thought it was a good idea to make that available on a digital format… (no comments). We had a Hallmarks compilation Christmas cassette that had this song on it but with a particular version with a boy’s choir and boy oh boy was it the best. It brings back so much memories and it is so kitsch!
  • Bing Crosby / the entire White Christmas album : It’s a timeless classic that I can listen to over and over again. His voice is just perfection! And do I need to say anything about Mele Kalikimaka : best thing ever.
  • Tony Bennett / The Christmas Album Snowfall : I could listen to that album all year long. It makes me feel so relaxed and chill. It feels like light snow falling on the ground, hot chocolate, and I love the arrangements even though simple.
  • Ella Fitzgerald / A Swinging Christmas : First, can we talk about the artwork! It represents exactly the feel of this album, it swings, its festive, its a Mad Men Christmas Party at it’s best! Oh Ella!

Let’s say it was recorded after 1970:

  • Coldplay / Christmas Lights : This is a very unusual Christmas song, but it is so pretty! It’s Coldplay at its best and I never get tired of listening to that song.
  • Diana Krall / Christmas Songs : One of the best album of all times, seriously! Are you kidding me with those big band arrangements? It is PER-FECT from A to Z! Even if you don’t like Diana (not the princess of course, because who doesn’t love her?) you will like this album, it swings like cray-cray!
  • She and Him / A very She and Him Christmas : Even though I’m not the biggest She and Him fan, this album I find is refreshing. It has a Beach Boys’ kinda vibe. It’s smooth, soft and shows variety in Christmas music which is a plus.
  • Pentatonix / Silent night (live version) : Well, what is there left to say about those brilliant, talented singers and the guy who arranges songs for them. WOW! This version gives me goosebumps and please notice the base, IN-SA-NE.

I could have listed, Charlie Brown, Mariah Carey, Nat King Cole, Rat Pack, Billie Holiday, Johnny Cash, and sooooo many more. In the french department, there aren’t that many, but THE classic in my household is Marie-Michèle Desrosiers, A MUST!

What are your favorites? Would you have any suggestions for me?