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A few links to read, watch and get inspired on this Friday!

This article by the New Yorker felt like it was basically describing what is constantly happening in my head. Titled ”Everything I Am Afraid Might Happen If I Ask New Acquaintances to Get Coffee”, it portrays how anxiety and worry can be so exhausting!

Claire Cain Miller wrote a beautiful essay in the New York Times. ‘How to Raise a Feminist Son‘ is compelling and shines a light on something we might tend to forget.

I think I’m in love with Jemima Kirke. Her sister is as beautiful and eloquent as her. This series on youtube, I really like and all of their interviews are awesome.


This is a bit dated, but have you watch this interview? I can’t find the complete version on youtube, but if you can find it, I suggest you watch it.


Finally, just because This is Us is starting its Season 2 in a few weeks, a tiny interview with the amazing Milo Ventimiglia. Like, marry me Milo. This brilliant and beautifully written series makes me cry every.single.time. And not to say the least, we are all in love with a guy rocking an 80’s mustache.


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