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For a long time I collected buttons, like mostly band buttons but also random ones that I thought were pretty. Shout out to my ”Sundae school” one from Cape Code Sundae School ice cream shop that was given to me probably in 2000. I have a huge bag filled with them because I don’t wear buttons anymore but still can’t get rid of them. Some are really significant to me.

The other day, I went shopping and saw a LOT of pins for sale and thought to myself : ”Are pins back in style?” I guess so my friends. I found tones of them on the internet. I think they’re so cute and I’ll probably include some in my accessories collection. What do you think about pins doing a come back?

Pins 1

Pins 2

1. Corn Dog
2. Spoons
3. Bubble Tea
4. Feelings
5. Naked Lady
6. Cotton Candy
7. Cat

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