Girl Power

‘The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes’ That’s what you’ll find under feminism in the Merriam-Webster. I have been wanting to share this amazing article from the New York Times gathering pictures from marches all over the world for the Women’s March back in January. I was so moved and felt empowered by seeing people gathering all over the globe for a crucial cause. Men, women, children standing under the sun, under the rain, in immense crowds, in small groups all united. I suggest you go look at these amazing photos : Pictures from women’s marches on every continent



Since then, I have been seeing so many tshirts related to the cause and I want them all! I thought I’d share with you my faves :

Femme Forever/Females of the future/Babes Unite/Liberté égalités ensualité/Feminin/Une Femme Libre/Badasse/Fight like a girl/Femme moderne/Pouvoir de fille/Girls/We should all be feminists (this is WAY too expensive, I know it’s Dior, but still)/GRLPWR/Girl Power/Girls support girls



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