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I can’t remember the first time I met Audrey, but it probably was at the record store where she use to work and it’s been what… maybe 8 years? Audrey has amazing qualities for starters; she’s driven, hard working, joyful, open-minded and never judgmental, which I find extremely liberating. She’s always up for adventures, has travelled quite a lot even by herself, like a real #grownwoman and she used to be my partner in crime because she’d always be down to go to random shows, travel and live different experiences.

Her latest adventure has taken place in Saskatchewan, a province which, let’s be honest is quite far from Québec. She has been hired by Radio-Canada (CBC) in Regina and is realizing her dream. Paris (because yes she has a KILLER last name) is involved in many activities from cultural to philanthropic ones. I admire her sense of style and her kindness. Oh and must I say that she once, bumped into A.J McLean in L.A?! Jeezz, no explanations needed.

Name/ Audrey Paris
City of residence/ Regina (Ha!)
Astrological sign/ Sagittarius
People perceive me as/ Enthusiast, easily amazed, diplomatic
Job/ Reporter in the Arts Desk

What is your dream job?
I’d like to be part of a radio show, something like ‘This American Life’. Hosting a radio show really interests me, but I’d like to accumulate more experience before this, so I’d say I see myself hosting, in say 10 years or so. In the mean time, I want to continue to work in media, specifically arts-related media.

I have a dream to own a coffee/radio shop, where people could come by and enjoy a coffee/beer while listening to the radio show that is being recorded in the shop and aired at the same time. Customers could get to experience the studio feel and see the interactions between the host and guests.

What does a day in your life look like?
Gym early in the morning. Sometimes I run, sometimes I’m reading on a spinning bike. Then, I go to work at around 9:45 to look at the news of the day, what my colleagues are preparing in terms of story and reports, and then I start to work on my own story of the day. My work is a day to day job. You kind of need to start the process again each morning. During the day, I have to prepare the story for radio and television, call people to get information, record the interview, write the story and sometimes edit the video footage. At night, I have a theater play meeting 2-3 times a week. And on other evening, it’s usually more relaxing. I spend time with my boyfriend and sometimes we go out for a drink with friends. During weekends, since our families and close friends do not live in the same town, we pretty much organize the activities one day at a time including, spending time in bed, seeing friends, traveling in small towns near by Regina, walking in the park, having fun, preparing a nice dinner and drinking wine.

audrey carre x3final

What is the question you wish people asked you and what is the answer?
‘What do you think about living away from your family’
It’s a question that has been on my mind for a long time and since I have not been in my home town for the past 7 years, being away has become the normality for me. I also hope that my family doesn’t think that I don’t want to be close to them. The positive side is that when I talk with them, nothing has changed and I still feel very close to them. They are very important to me.

What is home for you?
It’s not a physical place, home to me is people. I feel at home with good friends and with my family of course. When you know someone good enough to feel trust and comfort, that is part of feeling home. In Regina with my boyfriend, we are splitting our time between our respective apartments so I guess being with him represents home, wherever we are.

Do you have any tips on communication as it is your job?
Spontaneity is the key to feel at ease with people, not having too much fear of saying things that might make you look a bit silly. People like honesty and in communication it is essential. When you are preparing to talk on the radio or television, you have to prepare the general idea and know your train of thought, but not to the extent of knowing everything by heart. That way, it seems and feels more natural.

What is a personal objective for you in the coming year?
Working on larger projects, something that takes time and lots of creativity, and that at the end of the day I can be proud of.

Who or what influences you the most or has been your biggest inspiration and why?
I’m really bad at answering this kind of question. I think I can borrow inspiration from a lot of people, from very important thinkers, to people around me. I admire people that are able to concentrate on one thing for a long time or who really believe in their ideas and in producing what they want to create.

What is the thing that people should be conscious of, or read more about?
For as much as I’d like to work in the media, I’m very sceptical of it too. I think that the media has been given an agenda and are spending a lot of time talking about things that annoy people. As a result of this, I feel that we are not really improving things are not discussing the real important issues.

One essential band (in the past year)/ The National is still the band I’m listening to the most often and a lot of their songs relate well to special or noteworthy occasions in my life.
One essential book (in the past year)/ Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt by Chris Hedges & Joe Sacco
One essential blog/youtube channel/ The Coveteur… they are really strange when they talk about food, diet and gym, but some of the articles are strange enough that I like to build my own opinion around the subject. It’s fun to have a reflexion on the way they are promoting a certain type of living.
One piece of clothing that you’re obsessed about/ Jean jacket, I have been wearing the same one for a few years. I bought it when I didn’t have a lot of money and I felt guilty spending money on more expensive clothing to look fashionable. But now that I’m still wearing it, I don’t feel the guilt anymore.

Daniel Paquet Photographe
Daniel Paquet Photographe
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