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I met Sara-Maude because my dear hairdresser, (hey Emma) was leaving for a new adventure in Asia. She referred me to Sara-Maude and not only are they both equally talented, I also liked her immediately! She’s an excellent hairdresser, she’s the kind that listens to what you want and reproduces it. That is the best kind! She’s super funny, easy to talk to and so pretty. I love her sense of style. I don’t know her that much and I’m pretty sad that I won’t be able to get my haircut done by her anymore since I’ve moved, but I really hope that this portrait inspires you! She works at DRU in Montréal by the way if you want to take an appointment 🙂

Name/ Sara-Maude Martin Verret
City of residence/ Montreal
Astrological sign/ Aries
I’m often perceived as, people tell me I’m/ Sweet and meticulous
Job/ Hairdresser

What does a day in your life looks like?
I’m generally up by 8am. I get ready and walk my dog. I then hop on my bike, (9 months out of 12) and go the to salon. My work shift at 7:30PM at the latest and I then either go to yoga, have diner with my boyfriend or my friends, or in the winter take a bath and watch Netflix.

What is your dream job?
I really like what I’m doing right now. I get to talk with my clients and colleagues and make them their prettiest. If all of that could happen in a warmer environment, all year long, near an ocean that would be even better!

What object you couldn’t live without?
Definitively my ipod

Do you have any tips for us as a hairdresser?
Basic advice : Don’t overheat your hair with the hairdryer. That will allow you NOT to have static electricity. Also, always apply a product on your hair to protect them from the heat. That is the base.

Sara Maude 2


Favourite product?
Right now I’d say : DOO.OVER by Kevin Murphy. It is a spray that lightly fixes and gives volume. It is also a mix of dry shampoo. This product is ideal for fine hair.

A must?
Dry shampoo. This has literally change my life. Not only does it absorb the excess of sebum, it also gives volume and means you do not need to wash your hair everyday.

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Who or what influences you the most and has been your biggest inspiration and why?
My friends, my boyfriend, my family, my colleagues, all people close to me influence me a lot. Their opinion is really important to me. Professionally, I get inspiration from Instagram accounts all over the world.

What is the thing that people should get conscious of or read about?
I think that people should just be more interested in others. In general, I find that we have a tendency to judge people too quickly. Through my work, I get the opportunity to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds. When you take the time to get deeper in relationships and discussions, more often than not, you have great encounters!

What is one thing you would like to improve about you or get better at in life?
I’d say my English. I watch all my movies and TV series in English but when it comes to the time to have a conversation … ouch.

Sara Maude 6

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your job?
People think that we are always partying, that this job is super jet set and glamourous. They also have a misconception that we are always attending big events. I would love that very much but that is really not the case, at least not for me.

Being part of the beauty industry do you feel pressure as to always looking your best or always be stylish, wearing the latest trends ?
Not really. I like to put make up on, style my hair and dress well. I don’t feel like it s a chore for me.

One band in the past year/ A friend suggested Her’s EP. Since then, it is on repeat on my ipod. I also enjoy Aderson Paak, Alabama Shakes and Father John Misty.
One book/ I read recently ‘’Le Soleil des Scorta’’ by Laurent Gaudé. This story about an Italian family touched me a lot.
One piece of clothing/ Black jeans, my Blundstone boots and earings that my boyfriend gave to me 4 years ago.
One blog or youtube channel/ Oh harvest moon 😉

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