Summer holidays


Cleary I have a thing for water. Maybe it’s because I’m a water sign (cancers are the best), who knows. We were off for two weeks and did a few things. As you can see we went to the beach in New Hampshire, stopped by Ogunquit and Portsmouth (stay tune for my musts), headed to the Bas Saint-Laurent to see my family, went to a farm (hello tiny rabbits that hold in my hand). I really wanted to add videos but for some reason it doesn’t work. There were tiny sheeps, tiny rabbits and loads of other animals. I ended my vacay in Montreal, shopping, enjoying the city but mostly attending a wedding. It was a great 14 days.


On our way back from Ogunquit, we saw tons of Inukshuks and stopped to make ours. We picked up shells and are keeping them in our house so when winter hits, we can look back on great memories.

Same picture, different filter. I can’t believe we are already in August. I love summer!

All photos by me


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