I discovered this Montreal designer while attending the PucesPopMTL. I love her stuff and want want wannnnt this Bey tshirt

Image of BEY


I think I want every single tshirt they have. Easy Lover Club ,I am in love. By the way, the #allformelons tshirt is for a great cause, Dose Juice ‘will be donating part of the proceeds from sales of our two seasonal juices MELON and HONEY to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, a foundation that empowers women and helps them break free of violence and poverty, and find their way toward confidence and leadership’. #YAS

All For Melons t-shirt

Ramen-Moi Tee

HKM stand for Hannah Kristina Metz, a designer based in NYC that creates the most magnificent pieces of clothing

Bouquet Back Dress

Reckless Rose BlouseCharlotte Bartlett Dress

Have you watch this series? Sarah Jessica Parker narrates Vogue by decades and it is fascinating.

I have a passion for hats. I rarely wear one nowadays, but when I was young I use to wear hats, berets, and so on. I still have a love for them and wish I could have them all!

Blackburn et Raymond are a Montreal based company and make custom hats for you. You can decide which color, which components you want to add and they do it so it fits your head perfectly. A dream come true!
No.1770 Tancrède

No.1914 Tancrède


Avocado Straw Hat - Honey


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Some inspirations to start the week !


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Je vois Ma Lili mardi 💛

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Trash Can Flower Vase Trash Can Flowers Trash Can Vase Flower Flashes Lewis Miller Design


  1. This headpiece! If I’d had it, I would wear it every day, while working, grocery  shopping, walking, you name it.
  2. I love her instagram. Her asthetics are beautiful and one again, this headpiece is to die for
  3. I stumbled upon her creation and I feel in love. I WANT ONE! I can’t seem to find where Sheena sells her pieces but if you do, let me know!
  4. This projet by Lewis Miller is insanely beautiful. I wish I’d have those installations permanently in my town! This projet is called Flower Flashes. You can read more about it here.
  5. This article as been all over the internet. The Most Magnificent Trees, but this Rhododrendon as won my heart. I keep coming back to it. I dream of waking up and having that in my backyard.
  6. (and7)I am litteraly obsessed with Prune‘s flower arrangements. There is nothing else to say, hahaha! I haven’t had the chance to buy a bouquet or even participate to one of her workshop as she’s in Montreal, but I hope I get this opportunity one day. I find her choice of flower on point and her work is what I have been looking for in terms of florists for years! (heart emoji because you know)