We moved


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of us moving back to our hometown, Québec City. A year of big adjustments and changes. I would also like to add  ‘2016 you were honestly the worst’. #bye2016

Anyways, moving back here has been as hard as it has been fun. Sometimes, it totally feels like I never left. Things feel so familiar but at the same time they make me feel like I don’t totally belong here. It’s weird. One thing for sure, is that I dearly miss my friends from Montreal. It took quite some time for me to make new friends in Mtl, so now that I have them I miss them even more I guess. I miss their open mindedness, I miss laughing with them and having common interests with people on an everyday basis. I have met nice people here, but as you know making friends does not happen overnight. I’m also super lucky to have a few amazing friends here and I cherish those relationships.

Even after a year, I still question myself as to where I want to settle down. Being back here has allowed me to have different perspectives on things, on what I want and need. One of the really positive things of being back, is that I’m finally making music again! Yay!

It is funny how what I love about one city is what annoys me about the other;

I MISS the Metro and the public transportation here, I can’t even ..

I feel more relax and less anxious in Qc. The pace is way slower and I feel less pressure in all kinds of areas in my life. That is definitively a plus.

I miss speaking English on an everyday basis. I feel like I am loosing all my English skills and that I certainly don’t want. Quebec is a frenchie fo’ sure.

I miss the easy access to shows and culture in general. Quebec is working hard on that I know, but still I miss not having to take 2 days off only to see an artist I like.

I enjoy quite a lot how much people are polite here in Qc. But they have NO clue as to how to make a line while waiting for something though.

I enjoy how in Quebec most of things happen in houses and how people will invite you to their home instead of going out most of the times.

What I think is the hardest is how much I encounter people who are racist, homophobe, who have no interest in the environment, in culture, in design, who do not vote on election day. I am sorry to say that but  sat least once a week I witness a behavior or comments of some sort that keeps the Quebec clichés alive. THAT I profoundly dislike.

Finally, thank you for spending 2016 with me here on the blog. It has been a joy and a great creative outlet for me. In 2017 I’d like to post more often, more regularly, write more portraits and post more of my music 🙂

Cheers to 2017 and see you NEVER 2016!



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