What are you looking at III

I love old people and I wish I had more time to spend more time with them. I really do. This video made me tear up. Evelyn fought for herself and proved people wrong #badasswomen


I have been looking from time to time to Laura Miller’s video. I was inspired by her recipes even though I don’t eat raw. She has started this new series ”Talking in circles” which I enjoy A LOT. This is the kind of content I want to watch on the internet, the kind of conversations I wish I had around me. Go check it out + how pretty is she?


How can we do more to help the ones that were here before us and that basically save our ancestor’s lives? I don’t know the answer yet but I am so grateful to see that people in their own community are keeping their traditions, languages etc. alive. Keep on fighting.


This is for my french speaking readers. Who doesn’t love Koriass? I enjoy his music, his texts, his opinions. I admire his honesty, how he speaks his truth, how involved he is in his community and his creativity. This documentary is brilliant and in French. Click HERE to watch the video.


You MUST watch this documentary. The content of this is crucial, informative. It serves its purpose very well. Let’s all take actions to keep our planet, our home and mother earth healthy.



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