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Hello! I don’t know if you guys enjoyed my Youtube suggestions, but here’s the last part of my favorite channels. I could’ve honestly done like 5 posts on this but I guess that will be enough for now! Hope you enjoy!

Emily Henderson

Interior designer and stylist based in L.A, she does not post often but when it is worth it. She has INCREDIBLE talent and taste, and let me tell you something, she’s not that well known and respect for nothing. You want to be inspired or get tips on home decor, run to Emily’s channel. She has this quirky and fun way to explain clearly how to, for example, style your nightstands. I strongly suggest that you check her blog out as well!



I LOVE HER. I’m just fascinated by her lifestyle. Every one knows around me how much I love Gigi. She is full out and I find her courageous for the fact that she lived her transformation under people’s scrutiny and millions of followers on Youtube. Yes, she’s trans and she’s livin’ it!


Claire Marshall

I appreciate a lot the aesthetics in her videos. It’s clean, visually and graphically neat, I love it. She’s a makeup artist but you’ll find fashion and even food entries on her channel. There is also a extremely touching video on her mom, it is called Mary.


The Skin Deep

I am totally fascinated by this. I’m not sure I have words to describe how much certain encounters have moved me. It is basically two people sitting in front of each other, asking questions they are randomly picking out. Sisters, fathers and daughters, lovers, ex-lovers, name it. It is pure human relationships and I encourage you to watch some of those videos. There is more on their website TheSkinDeep.

That concludes for Youtube faves for now. Don’t forget to comment with your favorites!




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  1. Je ne connaissais pas Gigi!!! WOW! Une belle découverte!

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